Customer Testimonials

I live in Forbes Farms. That’s not a marketing slogan. I really do live in Forbes Farms.

My wife and I had looked around the Hammond area for almost a year, even discussing specific lots with builders. We chose to live in Forbes Farms.

Why? Well, to begin with, Forbes Farms is a gated community. Now that we live in our dream house, my wife and I are interested in being safe. The gates are open during the day and close at 7PM for the night.

Don’t be put off by the term, “gated community.” It doesn’t mean huge lots and high prices. In fact, one of the reasons we decided to build in Forbes Farms was because it did fit into our budget. In fact, we were able to choose many upgrades in our dream house simply because of the price range. This gated community is open to all no matter if this is your first house, second house, or you hope it to be your last.

That’s what I’m hoping for. I want this home to be my last. And I don’t want to spend a lot of time working in a large yard. That’s why we bought a garden lot. It’s large enough for a very nice house but small enough that I can keep it up with little work. Of course, if you want a larger lot for you and your family, they’re here.

Another reason we chose Forbes Farms was because of its Preferred Builder program. The people in charge of Forbes Farms are working to put together a small group of the best builders in the area. They only want the best. Once you stop in and see the models, you’ll see that the level of quality required to become a Forbes Farms Preferred Builder is pretty high.

My wife liked Forbes Farms also because it’s a new gated community that has viable plans to grow. It’s obvious to us that Forbes Farms will succeed and grow. We’re happy to be some of the first in the neighborhood. We think it’s a good feeling.

There’s a pool and cabana. There are a lot of trees. There’s going to be a place where children can play and the streets are safe.

The future of Forbes Farms, as we understand it, is to lock in the area’s top builders, sell lots and houses to people just starting out up to those retiring. Good people make up good neighborhoods and we’re looking for our next neighbors. Forbes Farms is growing. We hear of lots being sold weekly. It’s exciting. My wife and I invite you to come join us.

Stop by. Have a look. Ask to talk to me if you’d like. I’ll tell you the same. I’m not writing an advertising slogan here.

I live in Forbes Farms.

Joe and Tammy Burns